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2/7/14 Added a Blog Page to my website.
1/27/14 Added information on my new telescope setup to my Telescopes page.
12/27/13 Added a shot of the Horsehead Nebula.
6/18/13 Added an Observatory page to show construction details.
2/16/12 Updated site to MVC3 framework. Removed old outdated information and unified both my astrophotography and outdoor photography sites into one look and feel.
1/18/11 Updated framework to .net 3.5 (can't believe my provider doesn't support 4.0 yet)
8/19/08 Updated and removed some obsolete links.
5/20/05 Added a RCX Alterations page with information on some changes I've made to my Meade RCX400.
5/12/05 Added a page with information on my new Meade RCX400.
3/20/05 Updated web site with new look and feel and added some search functionality to the Photos section in preperation for new CCD images.
1/8/01 Added a shot of the North American Nebula that was shot with a Nikon Nikkor 300mm EDIF lens.
11/26/00 Updated the Books page.
4/6/00 Moved web page to a more permanent home www.rphotoz.com/astro/
2/8/00 Added a shot of The Orion Nebula.
1/24/00 Added a shot of the Total Lunar Eclipse. I also added a page with Assorted Lunar Eclipse Shots.
1/15/00 Updated the Books page.
10/9/99 Added some shots of the North American Nebula and Pleiades Cluster.
9/6/99 Added some shots of the Andromeda Galaxy and the Eagle Nebula.
8/16/99 Added the MI-250 Piggy-Back Setup page.
5/9/99 Added the Galaxy Cluster Image.
5/1/99 Added the Books page.
4/20/99 Added a photo of my first Prime Focus shot taken with my new AP130EDT/MI-250 setup.
4/13/99 Made a major change to my Equipment Pages as well as my Experiences Pages to include my new telescope equipment and experiences. Added a single Scopes link to enter the pages that pertain specifically to each of my telescopes.
4/8/99 Added Moon Phase Graphic to Home Page.
3/31/99 Added a Magnification - FOV Calculator Page and an update to the Exposure Calculator Page.
3/13/99 Added the Astronomy Calculators Page and the Exposure Calculator Page.
3/9/99 Added this Change Log page to help visitors determine if any changes have been made since their last visit. Added the Monitor Calibration Page and added some links to make navigation easier.
1/1/99 Initial release of "Mike's Astrophotography Web Page"