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Well it took a while to get back to it but here it is. I finally have a decent M42 to replace the one I took a year ago with my Meade 8" LX50. It was a spectacular day in Colorado (60+ Deg and clear skies). I don't normally get out on the weekdays because of work but the opportunity was too great to pass up. This is the result of 3 exposures (two 45 minute and one ten minute).


IMAGER - Nikon F4s
OPTICS - AP130EDT @ f8
MOUNT - MI-250
FILTER - Lumicon Deep Sky
FILM - Hypered PJ400
EXPOSURE - 2X 45 Minute and 1X 10 Minute
DATE - 2/7/2000
PROCESSING - Combined exposures in Picture Window then set Dark Point and Cropped using Photoshop