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Meade LX50

This is the all aluminum Dec gear replacement kit that I bought from ScopeTronix. The gears increase the torque and decrease the speed at which the Dec adjustments are made. The net result is that the Dec adjustment becomes smoother and better matched with the Ra adjustment speed making manual guiding a lot easier. If you are questioning whether or not you need this, don't! It was worth the money and also gives the mount a more professional look (unlike the original plastic gears).

This is the Latitude Adjuster that I bought from ScopeTronix. If you have ever tried to do latitude adjustment with a LX50 you know this is a very needed improvement. The adjustment bolt in the original setup only pushes on the wedge on one side and you need a wrench to turn it. This enhancement make it very quick and easy to adjust the latitude. The new adjuster also provides the wedge with some much needed extra support.

This little enhancement is completely home made for less that $30. I bought some 1" aluminum square tubing and cut out a groove in the middle using a circular saw and metal cutting blade. I filed out the groove to give it smooth edges and drilled a couple of holes for mounting to my LX50. The weight is a 2 pound dive weight that I drilled a hole in a covered with black plasticoat (in the Navy they called it Plastisol) to give it a finished look. I used a 1/2 inch all-thread rod along with wing nuts and a 3/4 inch square nut to fasten the weight to the square aluminum tubing. A little flat black paint and presto - 2D counterweight system.