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MI-250 / AP130EDT

This is my Mountain Instruments MI-250, MI-8P Pier, and AstroPhysics AP130EDT OTA. The mount is rock solid and tracks superbly. Setting up the mount is easy and no one part is too heavy to lift. The MI-8P pier is a bit of a load with the legs attached but it is manageable.

Getting used to the GEM way of doing things is a bit of a challenge and I am still learning a lot. Special thanks to the folks on the APML listserve for all the help in this area, especially Russ Dickman who not only helped me with the mount but also sold me the AP130EDT.

The AP130EDT is amazing. The first time I brought a star into focus I was stunned. It shrunk down to the smallest point I have ever witnessed through a telescope. The contrast was great and I found the larger FOV to be a nice change.

I have added several "Enhancements" to the MI-250 to help operate and set it up. Click on the link below called "MI-250 Alterations" for more information.

MI-250 Piggyback

MI-250 Alterations