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Paramount MX Takahashi FSQ 106 EDX III
After I purchased the Paramount MX last year (during the sale of 2013) I knew I had to build it an appropriate home. It was a pretty big solo project that I finished up in the fall of 2013. I initially set the mount up with a 300mm Nikon lens to get up to speed with the mount and work out any bugs with the equipment used to remotely operate it (See Setup Information). In early 2014 I purchased a Takahashi FSQ 106 EDX III and worked for about a month to get the correct spacing for my camera (the focus range is limited). Ashley Stevens from PreciseParts was very helpful in getting the correct spacer constructed.

I decided on the Paramount MX because if its reputation for being an incredible mount that is easy to remotely operate. My setup is for imaging only and will only be operated remotely (from the warmth of my office). I have been a long time user of "The Sky" and live a short 30 minute drive from Golden Colorado so the Paramount was kind of a no-brainer. I have been nothing but impressed with the system the Bisque brothers have created. I mounted the new FSQ, ran a 50 point TPoint Model, adjusted the polar alignment, ran a 444 point TPoint Model and did a series of 10 minute exposures unguided. Every image had perfect round stars! Stacked Image

I still need to work on my cable management but you can see from the image that I have no cables hanging down. All power and control is routed through the mount. This required all control boxes (Power distribution, Robofocus and Dew Heater) to be mounted on top so it looks a bit busy up there.

I have been in and out of this hobby for nearly 15 years now. I have experience with many different setups and the most significant piece of equipment I now have is the observatory. I improve in this hobby by the experiences I have and the observatory lets me image within 10 minutes of rolling off the roof which vastly increases the time I spend imaging. In the past I have even had perfect conditions but not the will to take one to two hours to setup.

Setup Information