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I added an Astro-Physics back to the RCX for a couple of reasons. First, because once you use a brass compression ring accessory; you can never go back! Second, check the next image to see the difference in the openings.

Back Part #: ADASCTLM

The Asto-physics back provides a full 2" unobstructed opening. I also bought a 1.75" extension tube (not pictured) to give approximately the same back focus (+.25") as the stock cell/visual back.

Extension Part #: ADA202

When I was unpacking my tripod the first time, I noticed that one of the pins had fallen out. It was in the bag that the leg was packaged in but I decided to replace them at that point. I went to the nearby Ace Hardware and got some 3/16" brass bar stock and some cotter pins. I cut the bar to the correct length and drilled tiny holes at the end for the cotter pins.

Close-up of the final pin assembly.

It's nothing too fancy but they won't be falling out any time soon.