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These are the three telescopes that I have used for my astronomy fix. I started with the LX50 then invested in the Mountain Instruments MI-250 and AstroPhysics AP130EDT when I started doing astrophotography. I added a Meade RCX400 telescope to the collection in 2005. I worked with this scope for a few years but setup was hard due to its weight so I ended up selling it. I now have a new system for my observatory and am excited to see what I can do with it.

Paramount MX and Takahashi FSQ 106 EDX III
In early 2013 I got the astrophotography bug again. I always had an eye on the Paramount ME but the cost just seemed a bit too steep for me. When they came out with the MX model I knew I had to get one. When they went on sale, I jumped and that led me to finally building the observatory I knew it needed.

10" Meade RCX400
After a few years off from film astrophotography I have found renewed interest in the hobby partly because of this telescope. I plan on installing a pier for this scope to facilitate a faster setup time (long setup time was one of the reasons I lost the will to do film astrophotography). This telescope along with a TeleVue TV76 for wide field shots will be my main setup for the near future. I have also converted to CCD imaging (ST2000XM/CFW8 with Astrodon filters) and hope to advance to a remote setup as I gain experience and add the needed equipment to do so.

Update: I sold the RCX400 after I started dreading setting it up due to weight.

MI-250 and AP130 EDT
This setup was purchased for the sole purpose of taking astrophotos. For more information on my exploits with this setup, click on the picture to the left.

Update: I sold the AP130EDT after it went un-used for a few years. I sometimes wish I still owned it because it was of such high quality.

Meade 8" LX50
I started into astronomy with this telescope. It served me well for visual use and will continue to serve that purpose when taking pictures with my MI-250/AP130EDT. For a more detailed account of this telescope and accessories that I have bought/made for it, click on the picture to the left.

Update: I sold this telescope to fund other astrophotography purchases. I left these pages because they still have valuable information concerning the LX50.