This is my LX50 all set up with my ST-4 (which I never got to track correctly with my LX50), Lumicon Cassegrain Easy Guider, and Olympus OM-1n.

I was a little disappointed in this telescope but not because it performed poorly for a $2000 telescope but because Meade sold it as a capable astrophotography telescope. I now know that the kind of tolerances and precision required by my chosen hobby can't be had for that price.

I have used it a lot and find it to be pretty good visually. Not everyone can afford more for a scope (I couldn't at the time I bought it) and there are some out there that have successfully used LX50's for taking nice astrophotos.

For a write-up on my experiences with the LX50, click on the link below called "LX50 Experiences".

I also had a weird problem with my LX50 running off in all directions. Click on the link below called "Runaway LX50" for more information on the cause and solution of this problem.

I have added several "Enhancements" to the LX50 to help operate it. Click on the link below called "LX50 Alterations" for more information.

LX50 Experiences

Runaway LX50

LX50 Alterations