These are the three telescopes that I have used for my astronomy fix. I started with the LX50 then invested in the Mountain Instruments MI-250 and AstroPhysics AP130EDT when I started doing astrophotography. Most recently, I have added a Meade RCX400 telescope to the collection.

Meade 8" LX50 - I started into astronomy with this telescope. It served me well for visual use and will continue to serve that purpose when taking pictures with my MI-250/AP130EDT. For a more detailed account of this telescope and accessories that I have bought/made for it, click on the picture to the left.

I have sold this telescope to fund other astrophotography purchases. I left these pages because they still have valuable information concerning the LX50.

MI-250 and AP130 EDT - This setup was purchased for the sole purpose of taking astrophotos. For more information on my exploits with this setup, click on the picture to the left.

I sold the AP130EDT after it went un-used for a few years. I sometimes wish I still owned it because it was of such high quality. I still own the MI-250 and am planning to add a nice visual OTA soon.

10" Meade RCX400 - After a few years off from film astrophotography I have found renewed interest in the hobby partly because of this telescope. I plan on installing a pier for this scope to facilitate a faster setup time (long setup time was one of the reasons I lost the will to do film astrophotography). This telescope along with a TeleVue TV76 for wide field shots will be my main setup for the near future. I have also converted to CCD imaging (ST2000XM/CFW8 with Astrodon filters) and hope to advance to a remote setup as I gain experience and add the needed equipment to do so.